Tishana Simon

Observation for your business!

I am sure you have seen them. Persons standing at the side of the road recording cars passing by at a particular location.  Or maybe you have seen it on shows on television. Individuals observing the choices of purchasers. Observation research can be an excellent tool for your business. Though highly technical in reality, by […]

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Let Your Employees Have A Say!

As a business owner, manager or CEO, have you come to realise that information gives you power. Power to make decisions that can revolutionise how you do business. One may say that “Of course we do, we evaluate our customer feedback all the time!” But what about your employees? One may suggest that surveying your […]

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Easing into Endorsements

Even before local celebrity Kes cut his lengthy locks I would watch him on television and thought, if I sold or made hats I would get him to endorse my product. He sometimes wears these hats that tilt lightly back on his head. He has the personality that a non-celebrity hat-wearer can identify with- down […]

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The Story of An Entrepreneur

The story of an entrepreneur is an evolving one. A costly problem that a start up faces may, over the years, become just another business activity that can easily be handed off to an employee at little expense. Today I went to one of the many of the government offices that engage with businesses. Even […]

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Surviving Recession with Research

So when I started Data Minders Business Research, my main concern was this recession. I t was announced about three years ago that the economy experienced negative growth, and in 2016 it was predicted that the recession may not end till 2018. Every news article and television report points to lost jobs, reduced purchasing power […]

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Taste It, Test It

Taste. The quintessential reason most of us eat, besides hunger. We shiver when a cheesy snack melts slowly in our mouths. We urge for the crackle of a potato chip and the saltiness that comes with it. Even the softness of a warm muffin makes us feel safe and at home. If you are in […]

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